Methods of Crystal Purification

Purification / Recrystallization / Demagnetization

After wearing for a long time or used the crystal method, the crystal absorbs the negative energy easily, so the crystal needs to be purified, too, some people also call it demagnetization method. Cleansing your crystal back to a neutral state ensures that accumulated negative energies are not passed on. This process also re-energises the crystal and ensures that it functions at its highest level.

Let your intuition be your guide: keep the intention in mind that you are clearing away all inappropriate energies and that you are working with purity of purpose.


The following are some different ways to cleanse, purify, re-energise and tune your crystals. Please note that as some crystals are sensitive to heat, light and/or water, not all methods will be suitable for all crystals. 


Sunshine Purifying Method: Put it directly in the sun. The sunshine from morning to Noon is the most proper, about 2 hours, if the time overpasses imprudently, it doesn’t matter, but do remember to take it back before sunset. (Attention: You should not use the method if the crystal is purple or crystal as the colour will fade.)


Moonlight Purifying Method: According to what they say, it is best to put it in the full moon light. Taking advantage of the negative and positive icon of moon and sun, it can not only demagnetize, but also enhance the power of crystal.


Dip into Saline: We should use the sea salt, i.e. the coarse salt. Dipping into the clean and untainted water a night and clean it with fresh water the next day. The method cannot be used often for the crystal with metal or rope, because salt will corrode metal or rope. For the clean water, usually we can choose the common mineral water, RO or distilled water.


Embedded Mud: We can make use of clean and untainted mud with no sewage running through, embedding about 3 – 10 days, as the mud owns the powerful ability of breeding can take the toxin and insufflate into power; if you are afraid that it will be dirty, you can wrap it with cloth of fibrous plant materials before embedding into the mud.


Stone clearing and Crystal Clusters: Some stones will clear the negative or unwanted energies from other stones. The best all round crystal for this is Clear Quartz. Place the stone to be cleared on a “clearing” stone, and leave for 24 hours. Amethyst Bed can also be used- use a large piece, or bed, of Amethyst to cleanse several crystals at once. Amethyst is said to transmute lower energies into the higher frequencies of both the spiritual and ethereal worlds, thereby transforming whatever is placed on it. Leave your crystals on the Amethyst Bed for 24 hours.To purify your crystal/Tibet Dzi beads, some people also call it demagnetization method.


Tap Water Rinse: Put the crystal stone under the tap, rinsing about 10 to 20 minutes. But it will be a waste of lots of water, unless the situation is urgent, and can’t find alternative method, we don’t advise this method.