Feng Shui Guide


Three-Legged Toad With Gold Coin

Place a Three Legged Toad in any of the corners diagonally opposite the front entrance to attract plenty of wealth into your home.




It’s best hung at five-yellow direction to safeguard against poor health and misfortune.





God Beastly Jade

To bring luck and turn enemies into friends. Also helps to appease the grand duke jupiter.






Laughing Buddha

Display a laughing buddha at a suitable place in your house to attract good fortune and happiness.





Guan-Yu (God of War)

Place a Kuan Kung facing the front entrance to energize prosperity and to prevent obstacles and misfortune to its residents.





Dragon Tortoise

Place it on your desk or behind you to gain solid support from influential eldens and for career stability.





Amethyst Cave

It brings excellent fortune, good news and happy occasions. Place an amethyst cave facing the front entrance to further enhance good fortune.





Rolling Ball Water Feature

A constant moving water feature helps to attract prosperity and increase income of residents of the home.





Natural Crystal Ball

It brings good news and many happy events. Use a natural crystal ball to enhance good fortune and release stress caused by the energies of conflict.





Tristar ( Fuk Luk Sau )

Display a set of Tristar “Fuk Luk Sao” for good fortune, wealth, career and longevity.





Gourd Hut ( Wu Lou )

It’s best hung at the bedside to ward off ill effects and bad luck brought by the sickness star.