Auralite 23

Auralite 23

It was recently made aware of the discovery of some powerful and beautiful crystals from the Boreal forest of the Canadian Shield, far north of Lake Superior. The stones appear to be primarily composed of Amethyst, but they contain a wealth of other minerals as well. Their discoverer has named them Auralite. (The name Auralite-23 used above denotes that there are least seventeen different minerals in each specimen of Auralite.) As with the mineral known as Super-Seven, there is a unique synergy of energies in Auralite-23.

Auralite-23 crystals are about 1.2 billion years old, having been formed during the Meso-proterozoic age, at the time when multicellular creatures first emerged and began to flourish. It has been suggested that meteoric impacts during this time brought rare metallic ores to the surface, where they eventually dissolved and were incorporated into the structure of the growing Amethyst crystal now called Auralite. The elements identified by assays using x-ray diffraction include the following 35, present in various samples.

Auralite-23 encourages one to recognize the blessings of one’s life in relationship with the world. It encourages one to meet each moment of experience with the positive intention to bless the world with one’s own love and self-giving. This Activity of Blessing is the essence of the New Consciousness, and is at the core of Auralite’s nature. I hope those who acquire it will allow themselves to be awakened to this new and sacred way of bein

Auralite works most harmoniously with all forms of Azeztulite, as well as Rosophia. Its protective and purifying qualities are enhances by Guardianite. Using Auralite-23 in conjunction with Mystic Merlinite will enhance one’s potential to magically transform one self and to make positive magic in the mundane world. Master Shamanite aids both in purification and in deepening the meditative experience initiated by Auralite-23.

極光23水晶 為‘世界上最古老的水晶寶石’。其来源为加拿大北方森林中的 Superior 湖神圣的奇观的洞穴。  


地質學家 Doug Suhwarzenberger 的官方正式研究計劃中,已經由科學證實 Auralite 23 為「世界上最古老的水晶寶石」,它形成的時間超過“1.2億年, 每一個晶體中凝結著它這遠古以來的旅程,每一顆訴說著獨一無二的故事! 


Auralite 23 用純手工開採於加拿大 神聖的「Cave of Wonders~ 「驚奇的洞穴」 之中,此處半隱半現在「加拿大盾牌」的北極森林之內的湖泊高處,Auralite 23 這個名稱,主要來自美洲原住民,意思為「地球與天空中~ 連接北方極光的奇蹟!




Auralite-23 水晶主要是由4种水晶礦為基础-紫水晶,黄水晶,白水晶,烟水晶,因为在这些水晶之中,共生着许多丰富而特别的微量元素,进而造就了祂们奇特且力量强大的特质,而这些独特的组合模式,形成了祂们特别的能量与使命!