Asia Pacific Super Excellent Brand

Asia Pacific Super Excellent Brand

HOJB is proud and honoured to be recognised as a brand that delivers products and services that are of high quality.

Our source of crystals
Our crystal products are sourced directly from reputable manufacturers from all over the world. We do not appoint any middle person, distributor or wholesaler whom may offer the same products or goods in Malaysia.

Wide variety of crystals
The wide variety of crystals that you see in HOJB, De’ Quartz and Crystal Point are of the highest grade and quality. With designs inspired by the Italian masters, the beauty of each crystal is magnified tenfold.

100% Natural Crystals Guarantee
We offer 100% natural crystal jewelleries and ornaments. The majority of our crystal products are garnered from international crystal trade events. Only a select few will get the nod from our professionals.

Certificate of Authenticity
A Certificate of Authenticity (COA) is a label that helps you identify genuine crystal products. These COAs are signed, numbered and verified to give you total peace of mind when purchasing crystal products from us.

Asia Pacific Super Excellent Brand 2006/2007

The “Asia Pacific Super Excellent Brand” is presented
annually by Asia Entrepreneur Alliance Worldwide (AEAW)
to the companies that have a chieved excellence
performance and the conformity of products and
services, assurance of quality, safety, reliability
of products and also manufacturing processes.