About Ammolite

Ammolite 班彩石

In 70-150 million years ago (Jurrasic age), ammolites were common sea creatures which swam freely in the sea, buoyed up by air inside their shell. They are now extinct. Their fossils are found in rocks formed 70 million years ago.

During the 16th century, ammolites were called draconites which is a symbolic to the heads of dragons. Even today, it has held an important place in the world of western magic.

In ancient Egypt, ammonites were seen as a symbol of any ancient deity who was associated with the ram its curved horns.

In Ethiopia, they were considered sacred stonesm and were worn to gain prophetic dreams. They were also believed to grant the wearer deep mediations.

In England, as in ancient history, the ammonite is considered to be a stone that grants miracles.

In Asia today, ammonite is treated as the Feng Shui stone which will bring fortune, luck and goodwill to the owner.


Ammolite and Feng Shui

Not only does ammolite bring balance to the person;s body, but also to that person;s surroundings as well, such as the home or office. Feng Shui experts agree over ammolite as one of the most powerful stones to be used on healing the environment. When placed in a home or business, it radiates a strong harmonized energy reversing the negative into positive.