100% Natural Crystals

HOJB Natural Crystals, 100% Natural Assurance.

Stunningly beautiful, natural crystals have captured the imaginations of humankind for centuries. So enthralling are they that crystals were believed to be once remnant of stars, possessing divine like qualities that help enhancing lives.

More than just shiny stones

Crystals are formed of the earth through various natural processes.
Subjected to tremendous pressure, heat, mechanical methods and chemical weathering, its inner structure begins to accurately take shape and slowly form its outer composition. These natural methods help the crystals retain its powerful properties, including its positive energies that are in sync with the human aura.

Since time immemorial, crystals are known to be powerful sources of natural healing. They emit good, positive energies while repulsing the disease-causing negative energies. Crystals help by creating a balance between minerals in the human body with its own. As an example, stones containing calcium alleviates bone concerns while fluoride crystals help in the treatment of teeth and gums.

Its colour too aids in the healing process. Crystals sharing the same colour are connected to the same part of the body and to the same emotional or mental needs.

Used properly with the right ailments, crystal can do wonders. It balances our health, harmonise us with our environment and enhances our senses, crystals are once again, becoming a boon to our lives.

Now, no longer found only in its natural form, crystals are carved into jewelry and home ornaments; gaining popularity and fast becoming a collector’s items.At HOJB, we turn these extraordinary, 100% natural crystals into remarkable jewelry and home ornaments.With designs inspired by the Italian masters, the beauty of each crystal is magnified tenfold.

It’s crystals for living

The majority of our crystal jewelry is garnered from crystal trade events held in Hong Kong. Crystal trades from around the globe make their pilgrimage to Hong Kong to display their beautiful crystals and attractive designs. Only a select few get the nod from our professionals.

The crystals you see in the House of Jue-Bao are carefully selected and cleaned before being displayed. All our crystals are handled with extreme care to minimise other energies from affecting it. Because the crystals have travelled thousands of miles and passed through many hands, we will purify these crystals before reaching our customers.

All HOJB crystals are handled with professional care, ensuring they aren’t affected by other energies.
Because they travel thousands of miles and pass through many hands, all crystals will be purified once again so that you get 100% pure, natural crystals.